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Custom tube cycling scarf

Custom cycling scarf was also called lightweight tube face mask is one of the most versatile, multi-functional head wear accessories you can have. It helps you stay cool by blocking the sun, wind and sweat during those warm early-season outings or assists in keeping you warm on the those chilly early-morning sits.


Magic seamless tube scarf that can be worn single layer or double layer for added protection indoors, Reusable , Wash with hand sanitizer soap, rinse and dries quickly, Multifunctional Seamless Bandana.


Custom printed mask bandana was made of soft 4-ways stretch and anti-microbial treated fabric, the ways to wear this are endless: neck gator, face mask, neckerchief, balaclava, sun guard, headband, do-rag, you name it!  


Seamless tubular flexible tube scarf has below advantages: Superior fit snug over the nose, mouth and chin, Light weight breathable fabric fully wraps the head and neck, Easily converts from a neck scarf to a face mask, ready when you need it.

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