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  • Tubular Gaiter head wear
  • Tubular Gaiter head wear
Tubular Gaiter head wear Tubular Gaiter head wear

Tubular Gaiter head wear

Event seamless tube headwear that are serious about getting it done. And that is a printed bandana for the take charge dude that is ready for anything.Seamless tube bandanas will keep the sun off your head, face and neck, provide concealment and soak up any man sweat.


Seamless tube bandanas head wears are super comfortable, moisture winking, lightweight, breathable, and can be worn as a neck gaiter, face mask, balaclava, head wrap, scarf, and more. 


Item No: Custom Head Wear 16

Material: micro fiber polyester 

Printing: offset printing, digital printing, dye sublimation printing

Style: tube, long

Edge: Machine Hemming

Size: 25x50cm, 48x24cm, customized


Packing: 62x28*33cm/ 500PCS, 1pc/polybag


neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, headband, scrunches, Saharan, pirate cap, beanie and bandana

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